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This photograph was sent to me by my good friend Chad, from the United States of America

My website contractor


I wish to acknowledge SIMPLE SITE WEB COMPANY web biulders.

Without their help & asssitance, simple web site to follow and reasonable rates, I would not have designed this web site on the net. If anyone wishing to make a web site, I recommend this web site first look at.

Without their wonderful help and easy designing templates, I would not be able to let people know about my work. Their online support staff are wonderful and will answer all your inquiries so I recommend them to help build your web page.



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Dear Anthony,

Thank you for your email and kind words.

It is our pleasure to help you and be part of your acknowledgement section.

My Supervisor is aware of this and I have been informed that you have moved forward in the user of the month list :)

Thank you!

with out their help-I would not have been able to get this far

I'd like to thank and acknowledge three people:

Rebecca & wonderful staff



For their help



Donna Hatch

The first person I'd like to thank is Mrs Donna Hatch from America who as a teacher, gave me skills to use in writing my book. Mrs Hatch is also an author whom writes romance. Her web page link is on the link page.

Thanks Mrs Hatch

People who have helped me



To Karen Holland, Anissa Pullen, Simon Gurney, John Klug and Warren Yates for their support throughtout my time writing. Thanks


To Parra from Hay wom gave me the lovely reference and helped me write and edit my work. Thanks Parra 

Peter Montgomery

January 19, 2016 

                                          To whom it may concern. 

My name is Peter (Parra) Montgomery and I was a previous part owner of The Riverine Grazier newspaper, which covers the Hay area, and western towns of Southern Riverina.

I worked on the paper from July 1999 until November 2007 – covering all local topics, but mainly sport.

Anthony Bennett was a regular subscriber, producing sporting articles on the Hay Rams Soccer Club in his role as Publicity Officer with that organisation.

Anthony had a keen interest in the town’s activities, and was a Volunteer Fire Fighter with the local Bush Fire Brigade; actively involved with the Boy Scouts Association; as well as being an announcer on local Community Radio.

Anthony has a good imagination – and he loves writing.

As a teen, he wrote many ‘stories’ on local people – turning fact into fiction – and he kept everyone entertained on long bus ‘sporting trips’ by reading these stories on the ‘way home from sporting activities’.

Good bloke Anthony, with a heart of gold.

Yours faithfully

Peter (Parra) Montgomery


Another mentor I'd like to mention is the Editor of Hay's local news paper-The Riverine Grazier, Tertia Butcher. I have known Tertia many years and when I begasn to write this book, I sought some references. Tertioa gave me a lovely reference and recently she took the time from her busy work to edit some of my work. I had a joke to Tertia about editing the book and she gave me a lovely reply:

By all means Anthony – send draft to Parra and I.

I may not have the time to read it thoroughly, but will certainly have a crack at it. Parra is not quite as time-poor as I am and he is a jolly good proofreader.


To Whom It May Concern

 Anthony Bennett was a correspondent for The Riverine Grazier during the 1980s-90s.

He was a regular contributor, mainly sports items but from time to time also general community newsworthy items.

 Tertia Butcher

Director Editor

The Riverine Grazier


Jo Roland

 7/04/2017 11:31 AM.

That is great news Anthony, you are doing well with this. Pittwater Neighbourhood House would be happy to be included in the list, thank you.

So I'd like to thank all the people, staff and volunteers at the Midway Point/Sorell "Pittwater Neighbourhood House" for their help. To many to name individually and surely I'd miss someone out abd be unpopular to here's to you all






Companies that have helped me

Whilst researching my book-especially volume 2-I came upon some web sites of businesses overseas. These businesses mainly dealt in civil war clothing and supplies. I wrote to them and received permission to use their material, so I'd like to thank these businesses with a mention on their page.

Thank you



When I decided to convert my written work from text to audio, I searched the web and came upon an online conversion site named ZAMZAR ( which I now use a lot. Converting text to audio has enabled me to turn my book into audio and even chapter one into a video.

I recommend using this website for conversions.

Hi Anthony,

Thanks so much for the mention of us that you have written.

We're very happy with what you've written.

Thank you so much,

The Zamzar Team

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One web site I found interesting when collecting my civil war figures was ‘PLASTIC SOLDIERS REVIEW’ which deals with all brands and eras of history in plastic soldiers. They give a detail listing of the brand, era and moulding, including a rating. There are pictures of the sets so if someone wishes to begin a war game scean, from ancient times to modern times and in between, this is the place to begin.

 Contact the team at

 Hi Anthony

 Happy to have helped.

 Best wishes




 Before I even decided to write my book, I would sit with a pen and try and draw my rail layout. I was using a lit of paper, so I searched the web and came up the web site of “Anyrail”. Their programs covers all major model train brands and you can design a layout to suit one’s own self. Their services and support are great and they will reply to any questions. So if you want to design a rail layout to match your requirements, checkout the ‘ANYRAIL” website at or email them at

 I recommend them.

 Thanks again and good luck.

 Best regards,

 David Hoogvorst




We have been in the Civil War and Indian War period clothing business since 1976 manufacturing all types of wool coats, wool jackets, wool vests, wool pants, cotton shirts, ladies dresses and more. We ship all over the world.

We can custom make wool & cotton garments for you as well.

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 Just like the travelling Sutler that plied his goods during the Civil War; when you need Civil War period clothing, Union Army Uniforms, Confederate (CSA) Uniforms, authentically reproduced Civil War era tents, reproduction Civil War weapons, Civil War buckles & breastplates, perfectly reproduced Civil War buttons, and Civil War Period Accessories C&C Sutlery has just what you need.

 No matter what your American Civil War reenactor unit specialty, CSA or Union Artillery, Foot Infantry, Buffalo Soldiers, US Cavalry (the famous Horse Soldiers) or the Old West Frontier, when you need authentically reproduced clothing, a shell jacket, uniform trousers or frock coat C&C Sutlery has it.

 When bivouac time rolls around, C&C Sutlery can provide you with an exact replica of the same candle lantern, camp stool, eating utensil, and even a completely stocked "housewife" to patch your uniform or sew on a button used by both southern and Northern troops during the Civil War. C&C Sutlery even carries old fashioned

 "Lucifer matches" in authentic Civil War period boxes.

 C&C Sutlery doesn't forget your trusted authentic period transportation either. We carry a complete line of Cavalry Leather Goods made from Original patterns crafted from the highest grade leather.



 Another wonderful store I found helpful with gaining information of uniforms and equipment used by the soldiers of the American Civil War was the Quartermaster Shop. So if you are planning to re-act American History, check them out.

 Hi Anthony,

 Yes, we give you permission. Thank you!


 Kay Atkinson


 Quartermaster Shop

 5565 Griswold Rd

 Kimball, MI 48074

 Phone: 810-367-6702 8:00 am to 4:00pm EST

 Fax: 810-367-6514




Ellen Knapp-part 02-volume 2

This acknowledgement goes to Ellen Knapp of C&C Sutlers in the USA who kindly send me information on the United States Army regulations of 1861 and which now allows me to add it to my book. Thanks Ellen



Hi Anthony –


You are very kind. Yes you may mention me – Ellen Knapp. I am co-owner of C&C Sutlery. I am also the webmaster, product researcher (such as finding the military manuals and specifications), photographer, and more for C&C Sutlery.