A-It is simple-I love history.

 I have been fascinated with war since at school and the caption-“TEN THOUSAND YEARS IN THE MAKING” indicates my love for this subject and history as a whole. 

 When employed on a Riverina property (Nap Nap Station), I would read books on history in my spare time - as we did not have any TV coverage.

 I found the topic interesting especially how ancient Roman and Greek civilizations had weapons we are now developing. 

 I have also been interested in the ancient building structures such as the Pyramids and this was the basis for my love of Battlestar Galactica .

 I love writing and using my imagination - always have - as far as I can remember.

 I also enjoyed writing for the Hay’s local news paper, The Riverine Grazier with articles for the paper involving the organizations I was associated with at the time. 

 My love of fiction extends back to 1979.

 After watching the Movie, Battlestar Galactica, and after writing a episode summary on the show, I created my own characters and wrote a series of stories titled ‘THE ADVENTURES OF SLIM BEN” which is alluded to by Peter Montgomery in his personal reference. 

 I wrote some hundred and so stories on this character (Slim Ben) before got I involved with Richard Hatch of Battlestar Galactica fame in 1996, and created the Galactica One Fan Club. 

 I began to compile the Battlestar Galactica Glossary-“THE BOOK OF THE WORDS”.

 People may wonder how I turned from science fiction to fictional historical stories.


 I have always loved westerns and war movies and TV shows. 

 I recall in the 60’s watching classical westerns with my late dad every day, such as Bonanza, High Chaparral, the Lone Ranger and the Cisco Kid.  

 I have always been fascinated with two main battles-Waterloo June 1815 and Gettysburg-July, 1863.

 I loved a cavalry movie where the Cavalry comes charging in, bugles blowing. 

 That is why I started my first DVD off with the cavalry charge. 

 One of the most famous characters I am fascinated with is George Custer. 

 A favourite movie is Errol Flynn starring in ‘THEY DIED WITH THEIR BOOTS ON”, which is a story about General Custer

 In my opinion though, the movie presents a false image of Custer. Again, in my opinion, I found him to be a war monger and mean, chauvinist person who thought only of his own glory. 

 Another western and civil war officer I read about after watching the John Wayne movie “THE HORSE SOLDIERS” was Benjamin Grierson.

 He made the famous ride through the Confederate South in 1863 to ease the Vicksburg Campaign. 

 Then of caurse Ronald Reagan's "CAVALRY CHARGE/THE LAST OUT POST". My faverate move

I also have been fascinated by Australian military history, particularly the “The Battle of Beersheba-October 31st , 1917”.

  I become a fan of Colonel Murray Bourchier after watching the film “THE LIGHT HORSEMAN” about the Australian attack on Beersheba.

 So now I’ve combined my love of westerns and war movies with science fiction and the American Civil War to write a book on a fictional battle that actually was planned by the Confederates.

 The Southern Army however, simply ran out of time to organize and move troops to Pennsylvania in November 1863, in an attempt to capture President Lincoln as he travelled to Gettysburg to deliver his famous address.

 I hope you enjoy the book as much as I have enjoyed researching and writing it.

 It has improved my knowledge on battles and wars. 

 But, before I sign off, I will answer another question: why Jettena Junction ?.

 Jettena is the name of my dog.

 When I got her in 2009, mum and dad named her Jett because of her black colour. 

 However, when I moved down her to Tasmania in 2011, Jett was moved to Tasmania ahead of me and my Aunt and Uncle changed her name to Jettena because she was a girl.

All the best and enjoy.