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Yes, perfect webpage 

Thanks Valentina

From Sandy-February 15th, 2018

Great webpage :)



Thanks-and I invited Sandy to contribute as I do to all comments.

Thanks Sandy


24/04/2017-00:00-Isabella Bleszynski


Hello Anthony- Greetings from Scotland! Mutual member of Military History. Am enjoying browsing your website. First thing, see you're from Tasmania. My elder son lives Sydney, film director and author. His 3rd book BLOODLUST was based on Tasmania's own cannibal, Alexander Pearce. He travelled widely over the island to do the first hand research.Just thought I'd let you know!
Anyway, to get back to the US Civil War, I'm not actually writing about it. Working on final book of THE 'JOHN ROSS' TRILOGY.
To get the full range of this story you'll have to look at my website: Book 3 set on island of St Lucia moves between 1838 -1880, touches on Civil war, but my research is on the 'Underground Railroad' whereby escaped slaves were helped to flee north. Any info on that? Riveting story. Begins and ends in Africa, from rise of Shaka to fall of Zulu kingdom; parallel story of 'John Ross,' whose life was intertwined with that of the Kingdom. Authentic, true account. Will delve some more into your website, Anthony. This is just 'hello' and let you know who I am. Isabella


09/05/2017-05:02 Chad Crader

Good luck on your book, can't wait to get a copy. Signed of course lol😀😀😀😀



Cause General Chad-you've been a great help and support. I'll let you read it to find yourself in it somewhere (no more clues) Thanks and all the best



09/05/2017-12:21 Chad Crader



You bet, Id be thrilled


Hope I get to fight with the Confederacy *hint hint* lol


09/05/2017-14:43 My reply

Yes-I guessed that by your main photo-the flag mate. An idea where you fight too-saying no more-you'll have to read it to find out more





Written by: Anthony Rewak on 14. Apr, 2017

Awesome, how long did it take you to make?

I really love the photo album


Written by: Jo Roland on 13. Apr, 2017

HI Anthony

I had a quick look. It looks quite interesting, i might have another look over Easter. 


Written by: Woody Boofmister on 9. Apr, 2017

An interesting story-look forward to seeing it play out

Facebook Comments

Since January of this year, I have had a sub page upon my Facebook page titled 'THE BATTLE OF JETTENA JUNCTION'. It has had a few viewiongs and some kind remarks have been left. Those people whom have left their remarks have agreed to me using their comments on this page.

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  • Anthony Bennett The problem is when I mention this group in my book which I will now, Parra's already added-not giving away too much but the rest I will use as characters somewhere along the way
  • Parra pete Montgomer The Loan Arranger?
  • Anthony Bennett no Parra-Colonel Parra Pete, incharge of the defence at Hamilton's Plantation . I'm saying no more you'll have to read the book or listen to the CD
  • Parra pete Montgomery lol
  •  Anthony Bennett Hi gang-just a comment about Parra's comment-just keep an eye out throughout the book as you might catch you name somewhere-Parra gave me a lovely reference when I began writing the book and I've placed it on my web page about how I select my characters

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  • Erik William Thackrey thanks for the comment, and very interesting website


Anthony Bennett Thank you, I've just started it. I've been researching my book for over 12 months now and got plenty of reading to do but I've got the main plot.



April 16

  • Erik William Thackrey awesome, hope to get a copy one day.


Anthony Bennett I'll let you know-book, CD or DVD-I'm making the book into a DVD too-I've got a program that can convert text to audio and then I've added pictures-done chapter one and working on chapter two like that

  • Erik William Thackrey interesting very interesting


Anthony Bennett Thank you



Facebook debate-May 19, 2017


A debate I had and enjoyed with members of the Civil War Buff on Saturday May 19th, regarding the Gettysburg Campaign

 Robert Gumbman

Was one of the reasons that Lee headed north to fight, was to relieve war ravished farms and to let farmers harvest their crops safely.

 David Troutman

Pretty much . And if he was smart he should have just cleaned out Pennsylvania instead of attacking the Feds

 John Costello

He did clean out a good chunk of 2 major agricultural counties in PA as well as several in Maryland. Guzelo's Gettysburg gives an excellent description of how he removed massive amounts of livestock, grain, fruit and draft animals. They also captured several dozen free African Americans and re-enslaved them

David Troutman

Shouldn't have let Stuart go through Rockville and let Jubal Early match to York . Staying in the Appalachian region in Pa he could have foraged all he wanted. War department was bent on protecting Washington and wouldn't have let Meade pursue. Something like that might have won the war for the south

 John Costello

IMHO, they would have let him go to town as long as he said west of the Susquehanna and south of the Penn RR main line. I'm pretty sure his logistics chain wouldn't have let them do much more than that. IIRC, Sherman needed 200 K rounds SAA per day for the march to the sea plus 1-3k artillery rounds. Were the Confederate supply chain good enough to support this?

David Troutman

Foraging local supplies probably matched what was collected locally in the Shenandoah ... And even if the supply train is threatened back crossing the Potomac , further west fording Near Cumberland and Frostburg was more than possible to maintain contact with Richmond . Could have been some continious wild goose chase with southerns eating healthy all the way . Is why the north might be compelled to give it up . Especially with Fredricksburg and Chancellorsville defeats as recent failures

Greg Drummond

All the Union would have to do is leave a small enough force to give chase and keep Lee busy while slowly pushing him to the west as the main forces marched on a mostly unprotected Richmond. Lee could not afford to have his line of communications and such pushed too far westward or he could not cover what was needed.

David Troutman

 That's another angle worth looking at

 John Costello

I'll definitely give you it would have created panic in both Philadelphia/Baltimore and Pittsburgh/Cleveland as well as some serious rioting in NYC.

 David Troutman

 Sacking Johnstown and Pittsburgh . Gads , can you imagine ??? A major industrial victory for Richmond

 John Costello

Meade understood Lee would never leave an exposed rear flank. He didnt have his Cav screen or a good understanding of the terrain. It was Meade's home state. Pittsburgh would have been big but difficult crossing the Allegenys. However burning Harrisburg and Lancaster and busting up the Pennsy main line would have been a major blow

 John Costello

 My biggest what ifs are like you said Early with a division running rampant in central PA and a disciplined Stewart giving recon. Wow

 David Troutman

 The Allegheny isn't any worse than South Mtn ... lol It's fun imagining

 John Costello


 Terry Bridge

 Which campaign? Always thought that was at best a third reason. Wasn't as if the Union had an army in the valley doing what Sheridan did in '64-'65.

David Troutman 

A scorched earth policy in Pa would have probably made the north more resilient to hunt down Lee

Robert Gumbman

 Gettysburg, figured Lee had no idea how long he would be gone for, so to give farmlands a break to harvest and possiblly replenish with second season crops.

Terry Bridge

Robert Gumbman

you're not saying you believe Lee could've stayed above the Mason-Dixon from June thru Oct, are you?

Robert Gumbman

Terry Bridge-Never said that, I have no idea how long he would have been gone for like I said in the first post.

 Dave Changepurse

and to find shoes for his men

David Troutman

 Funny thing . Some say the North marched to Gettysburg for shoes also

David Changeourse

wouldnt dought it. i know lee was down troops that refused to leave virginia saying they didnt wanna go north they just wanted to defend there lands

Robert Gumbman

David Changepurse, I read that as well, they didn't want any part of a Southern Aggression.

David Changepurse

 yeah southern folk just wanted to be left alone not taxed into oblivion

David Troutman

 Really wouldn't have been a bad Idea , Dave . Lee could have foraged Pa with half the number . The other half would have no problem defending Richmond either i think . A handful kept Grant out for 9 months

David Changepurse

 Lee should of won at Gettysburg. I believe if Stonewall was there he would of pushed Lee to take the hight ground day 1 where Longstreet wasnt as forcefull to Lee.

David Troutman

 If Lee had taken Gettysburg , he did take the town , the Feds would have retreated back to the "Pipe Creek Line" between Taneytown and Manchester . Such a big deal made about holding Gettysburg at all costs . Wasn't actually such

 David Troutman

The only hindrance in sacking Pittsburgh and producing steel for the south is the supply of ore from Lake Superior .. But could have made plenty with the existing stockpile . Plenty of coke production locally also

Anthtony Bennett

The shoe myth is all-a myth. One of the corps had passed through Gettysburg on Tuesday 30th of June and there was no mention of shoes. Yet there was a vast supply of footwear in Gettysburg. Yes it was to relieve the pursue on the war torn Virginia and also the Confederacy hoped to be able to conquer Washington from the north side where the defences would be less as it was in Union territory unlike the southern side which faced the Confederacy

 Sean Hannahs

Washington was fortified with more troops that on the battlefields. Washington was never going to be taken. Gettysburg was Lees way of giving up.

 Bendy Mullis Giddens

 And relieve some of the pressure on Vicksburg

 Anthony Bennett

Yes they were also considerations. Remember Selby tried to take Washington in 1864. And yes-Vicksburg was a thorn in the Confederacy at the time with 30 plus thousand men there. Actually Lee didn't want to fight in Gettysburg or (and I could be wrong) anywhere in this campaign. As commented, it was a decoy action. It was Meade who decided to fight at Gettysburg

 Bendy Mullis Giddens

And relieve some of the pressure on Vicksburg

 Anthony Bennett

Yes they were also considerations. Remember Selby tried to take Washington in 1864. And yes-Vicksburg was a thorn in the Confederacy at the time with 30 plus thousand men there. Actually Lee didn't want to fight in Gettysburg or (and I could be wrong) anywhere in this campaign. As commented, it was a decoy action. It was Meade who decided to fight at Gettysburg


John Costello 

Vicksburg wasn't a thorn. It was holding up the entire tree. The fall of Vicksburg meant the Union now controls the entire Mississippi River.

John Costello

Vicksburg finishes what Donaldson and New Orleans started in just a little over 15 months. It's an amazing feat of the operational arts of war

David Troutman

 Buford made Gettysburg happen. Meade wanted to entice Lee to attack the Pipe Creek Line . He sent Reynolds (1st Corp) to Help Buford. Reynolds was killed so Hancock was sent with 2nd Corp put in charge over Howard(11th corp) on Cemetery Ridge and decided Gettysburg was the place. Meade didn't show up until evening

Anthony Bennett

 you're right, Burford engages the Confederates at Gettysburg on Wed. July 1st and then held till Reynolds arrived. Reynolds was killed. Meade showed up at around midnight. Give a few minutes as I have the time line of Gettysburg. However there were skirmishes for a week before Gettysburg in the region including two the day before-Hangover Junction was one place

 Anthony Bennett

 I'm enjoying talking about this subject to you-no one here is interested

 Anthony Bennett


Anthony Bennett 

 On which side and where-ie-confederates lost Gettysburg but won Vicksburg or visa versa. Well a second-if the Confederates had won Vicksburg, they would hav eheld the Mississippi River and traffic up and down the river. It would have been a major blow to Grant who might have stood down. If Lee had won Gettysburg, the north was open to the Confederacy as there would have been no army to defend it and Washington would have been their target. I hope this answers your question as it is in my opinion of what could have happened. If Grant had been defeated and he left, the Union would have had no leader to command a she did in 1864. The war could have turned.

Terry Bridge

 Both "what-if" victories by the CSA would not have changed the road the war was going down. If victorious in TN, what did the South have to maintain that victory? With losses at Gettysburg, even with a win, what offensive operations could Lee have embarked on?

Anthony Bennett  

 Lee would have been a more attacking leader than Meade. If Meade had followed up, he could have caught the entire army of Northern Virginia at Gettysburg on July 4th as could have McCollum at Arnteium in 1862. Remember this region of the USA-the north east was their main industrial area-they could have shut that down. And as you stated-the Union could still have won the war, but like WW2, if the Allies had lost at the Bulge or D-Day, they would have been set back but still could have won, just would have taken longer and more lives before their superior strength got the better of the enemy. Did I start something here

 John Costello

 Interesting counter-factual. What would have happened with a Gettysburg campaign defeat but a Vicksburg victory?

 Anthony Bennett

On which side and where-ie-confederates lost Gettysburg but won Vicksburg or visa versa. Well a second-if the Confederates had won Vicksburg, they would have held the Mississippi River and traffic up and down the river. It would have been a major blow

 John Costello

Tell me if I'm the only one whose ever thought this, Lee and the ANV only had enough ammo for 1 battle. No matter what after Gettysburg they would have had to return because they didn't have enough ammo. Thoughts or even better, some docs as to ammo support and supply. Ammo was the one thing you couldn't scavenge.

 Benton Wilkison

 What if the Confederate army had not lost some of their best Generals?

Anthony Bennett

 They could have kept the war going longer and possibly with the decent of the Northern Civilians, manage to win by terms but in the long run, they didn't have th eman power (numbers) and by 1963-Europe Countries were no longer interested in the war. By now thye were getting cotton from Australia and South African Colonies.

 Anthony Bennett

we can speculate what could have been an dthis is why I like these groups as we can talk these things over. How about someone else helping-I know I opened my big, big, big mouth

 David Troutman

Some good speculations . Had Lee been thrifty with ammo supply he could have hung out in Pa much longer . Grant would have been called in eventually so the window of opportunity would have closed in a few months anyway

 Anthony Bennett

 That's true or managed to find a reliable source in the north to outfit his army, yes. With Grant called in then to help the Eastern Armies, the western armies would have been weakened. This is a good debate. Good to have this conversation with you David.

 John Costello

 I'm going out on a limb here but follow me. Lee had a limited area of central PA with which to work. No major cities and only 2 -3 major factories complexes. He has to create as much havoc as possible because he can't cross the Sussqhanna to hit Philadelphia and he can't cross the Alleganies to hit Pittsburgh. He can't hit DC because it's too well defended.

 John Costello

 Remember the one effort to capture a bridge across the Susquehanna was repelled by a home guard unit led by a few veteran officers. And the mountain campaign in WVa led by Jackson was a tactical defeat

 David Troutman

Still with you here . Early made it to Columbia bridge east of York (Pa) , Rodes made it to Camp Hill Both didn't cross the susquehanna because they were recalled to Gettysburg . Gen . Couch might have been protecting Camp Hill . The rest of the Rebs stayed around Chambersburg . All I know without looking it up . I still think Johnstown and Pittsburgh were possible targets

 Anthony Bennett

ok this Aussie's ready for more

 David Troutman

 A lot of ifs and butts lol

 Anthony Bennett yes-no one knows what could have happened until it did and it played out that week in favour of the Northern side


 THE CIVIL WAR BUFF-20-05-2017

This is regarding the above comments that I engaged in on Saturday May 19th with members of the ‘THE CIVIL WAR BUFFS’

 Bill Payne

 Anthony, one question. You state that the Iron Brigade and the Bucktails were the first two brigades to arrive, but I thought it was the Iron Brigade and Lysander Cutler;s brigade????

 Anthony Bennett

I better check it out-thanks for picking it up-I know Reynolds Iron Brigade was the first Infantry Brigade to arrive to relieve Burford's Cavalry. I could be wrong to.

 Anthony Bennett

Thanks Bill-yes it is an error. PA Buck Tail was the 150 Pennsylvania Infantry regiment. It served in the 2nd Brigade, 3rd Division, First Corps. Its commander was Colonel Langhorne Wister. The Brigade was under the command of Abner Doubleday whom took the command of the entire Corp after Reynolds was killed. They were known as Bucktails because of their hats they wore. Thanks Bill for the correction. I better put it in my book

May 21st, 2017

Anthony Bennett

Thanks Bill. An dthanks for correcting my error. I am still getting use to the US abbreviations. Its bad enough recalling Australia's states. I invite you to check out my web site if you like at

I recall seeing them in the movie Gettysburg, They had the big black hats. There were also some New York Zouavres in their red trousers present.


One person I love debatibing with is my good mate Peter 'Parra' Montgomery from Hay. So when I wrote blog 2 and added it to this web page, I also put it on Facebook.

The comments below are a debate between me and Parra over the character I called Parra Pete Monty which is Parra.

Parra’s comments on my articles I wrote for my book and posted it on Facebook-Friday May 18th, 2017

 Parra Pete Montgomery

Whatttttt Scott, David Becky Beckwith.....Who will play me in the movie? Hope it is someone who looks like me, say Robert Redford....

 Anthony Bennett


 James Scott

Brad Pitt looks a bit like you. Tom is too short


May 20th, 2017

After posting my piece on Hamilton's homeguard on Face book, mine and Peter's, friend and editor of the Riverine Grazier, Hay's local News paper,Tertia Butcher, sent me a face book review on my recent comments with Parra. Thanks Tertia. 

 Tertia Butcher

 And I can say .... I knew Parra before he became a movie idol.

 Anthony Bennett

 Yes-I did too-I knew he was a famous radio ideal taught Lawsy everything he knew so he says

Anthony Bennett

 Well Parra gave me a wonderful reference-I'll send it to you via email about my previous writings.



Kerrie Radford from Echuca, Victoria
Omg looks amazing and awesome good for you, I love the history of the native Indians
This was after I invited Kerrie to check out my web page on Facebook


Gee how people become so sensitive:

The other day I asked a friend the name of a person I had met so I might be able to create a character for my book. The name which I will not mention however is not a name that will appear in my story due to the similarity to the people I use to live with in Tasmania. (2011-2017) Today whilst getting fuel, I was confronted by this person who’s first name I was mentioning and abused. I had no intentions of using their real name as I have never used real names but set my characters on friends, I mean no harm and the story around them is fictional. It is set in the American west

So it seems that I will have to create my characters. Thankfully I have two hundred pages of first and second names to create names.

To my friends whom approved me to use them as characters-sorry I will not. I will edit my book-not much.