Peter Montgomery

 Peter Montgomery

January 19, 2016

To whom it may concern.

 My name is Peter (Parra) Montgomery and I was a previous part owner of The Riverine Grazier newspaper, which covers the Hay area, and western towns of Southern Riverina.

I worked on the paper from July 1999 until November 2007 – covering all local topics, but mainly sport.

Anthony Bennett was a regular subscriber, producing sporting articles on the Hay Rams Soccer Club in his role as Publicity Officer with that organisation.

Anthony had a keen interest in the town’s activities, and was a Volunteer Fire Fighter with the local Bush Fire Brigade; actively involved with the Boy Scouts Association; as well as being an announcer on local Community Radio.

Anthony has a good imagination – and he loves writing.

As a teen, he wrote many ‘stories’ on local people – turning fact into fiction – and he kept everyone entertained on long bus ‘sporting trips’ by reading these stories on the ‘way home from sporting activities’.

Good bloke Anthony, with a heart of gold.

Yours faithfully

 Peter (Parra) Montgomery


Tertia Butcher

To whom it May Concern

Anthony Bennett was a correspondent for The Riverine Grazier during the 1980s-90s.

He was a regular contributor, mainly sports items but from time to time also general community newsworthy items.


Tertia Butcher

Director Editor

The Riverine Grazier

95 Lachlan Street



January 20, 2016