The Battle of Jettena Junction is a remarkable work. This intriguing combination of fiction work and history textbook subverts and reverses the expectations of historical fiction, using plot as the backdrop for history rather than history as the backdrop for plot—a history book with a dash of fiction rather than a fiction book with a dash of history.






Chad Crader


Hey bud, congratulations on your book being published. I am thrilled for you






Hi Tony


Woo hoo – will check it out – have passed this on to Rebecca as well of course.  Well done.


Penny Goodland & Rebecca White


Karen Holland-Wed 4/11/2020
Well done Anthony!

Tertia - Riverine Grazier-Mon 2/11/2020
All the best Anthony ..........

Leslie, Karen-Wed 4/11/2020
Well done! Thats awesome work!
Gavlik, Alysse-Wed 4/11/2020
Hi Anthony, What an achievement! You are a real published author, congratulations. We are certainly proud of you

Parra Pete Montgomery-Wed 22/08/2018
Awesome, thanks! How long did this take to put together..Talk about a labour of love..Well done Abac. Look forward to reading it..
Sunday, 18 October 2020
Wow Abac, what an achievement..Congratulations..468 pages, FANTASTIC. It'll take me a long time to read it. Proud of you Anthony, for having a dream, turning it into a goal, and fulfilling it...hope it pays off for you. No doubt the fact that you have achieved completion is satisfying enough...
Your mate



Diane Carroll

Congratulations. Cant wait to buy it and read it. Im so Happy for you.


Sharon N Pat Bunyan

Great achievement Anthony. Well done!!


Kate Jackson Nisbet

Congratulations can’t wait to read it


Kylie Wright

Awesome stuff mate.. You should be so proud of your achievement..


Margaret Harris

is that Ben? doesn't he look delighted?


Daniel Whipps

Awesome mate. Glad your book has come true.


Darryl Mason

Congratulations Anthony. A great achievement.


Jenelle McCarrick

Well done.


David Becky Beckwith



Julie Smith

Congratulations Anthony, you must be beyond excited


Sandra Stevens

Wow Anthony congratulations! It’s all happening for you.


Lyla Parr



Nancy Curtis



Christine Anne Bradbury

Great work


Janet Lambert

Tash Giles

Kerry Haidy

Terry Williams

Michael Beckwith

Shayne Triffett

Kelly Young

Colin Tighe

Geoff Neill

David Caslick

Brenda Burns

Sarah Harwood

Deirdre Ginns

Vicki McManus

Donna Maloney

Jenelle McCarrick

Paul Kretschmer

Jenny Ellis

Mitchell Tyree

Richard Hall


Darinka Semelbauer


Interview-. Have an interview next week on a local radio.
Daniel Whipps
Wow interviews can i get your autograph

Jenelle McCarrick
Well done.

Mick Wakeham
Good work!

Just read an email from the publisher-the book is being listed on line in hard back and electronic form. Keep an eye out for it such as Amazon.
Kylie Wright
Well done Anthony.. You have worked so hard for this..How much to buy a copy from you?.. Actually, I'll email you..

Margaret Harris
yippee, wonderful news

Jenelle McCarrick
well done..

Terry Williams
A credit to you Anthony, well done.

Daniel Whipps
Whos ben Lewis

Allen Stevens
Congratulations Anthony - a wonderful achievement

Margaret Harris
I hope you've still got your Slim Ben tales. They could be your next accomplishment

Donna Wade
Congratulations Anthony. What a tremendous effort. A great result of a lifetime of dedication. I loved reading this. Thank you for sharing.

Jenelle McCarrick
Well done Anthony.

David Caslick
Congratulations, hope it is a success for you

Diane Carroll
Wow Anthony Bennett after reading this ive learnt so much more about you. Congratulations on the book.

Kate Jackson Nisbet
Congratulations Anthony it’s taking you a long time you deserve all good things lots of love and blessings from Rob and Karen love from hay town.

Allen Stevens
Congratulations Anthony - a wonderful achievement - it just proves from 'small acorns big trees grow'.

Sandra Stokes
Congratulations Anthony so pleased things have worked out for you

Jenelle McCarrick
I thought it was great Anthony, it sets out how you love to tell stories, the people who encouraged you, you obviously love history and research, (like I do), you picked a great topic.

Great news today-got the official draft through today from the publishers-looks good. 522 pages
Fiona Beckwith Franz
How exciting Anthony, well done

Mitchell Tyree
Congratulations Anthony.

Kylie Wright
Awesome work.. I'm so pleased for you Anthony.. You have put so much into your book.. You deserve every success..

Vicki McManus
Well done mate
Kerry Aldred
Wonderful news!!

Terry Williams

Hassan Ali

Lyla Parr

Erik William Thackrey
That's great news Congrats

Anthony Bennett
Thanks all for your support-expecially your help Fiona when I was about to through the whole idea away last year. I made two minor changes-I asked for my web page to be added and one idea from the references taken out. Nothing major. Thanks all. You will…

The book is on schedule to be published. Got the cover design back today

Jenelle McCarrick
Looks great Anthony.

Margaret Harris
well done, a big achievement indeed

Kerry Aldred
It's getting so close - congratulations!

Warren Mitchell
Awesome, Anthony,

Daniel Whipps
Awesome work mate

Lyla Parr

I’ve played an extremely small part in realising a mates dream and helping him get his book published. Check it out. Next J.K. Rowling.

Troy Williams
Is another joke

Ben Lewis
Troy Williams haha nah mate.

Anthony Bennett
No Troy-it is not a joke-Ben has been a great help to me-check Amazon out mate. Thanks Ben.

Ken Austin
Congratulations Anthony and Ben. Well done on your publication

Scott Lewis
Sounds a bit Tarantino like

Isaac Jacobson
Awesome stuff lads, i'll buy a copy


Julie Smith

Great news of your book, congrats