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Hi, I'm a Tasmanian author who has been writing for quite a few years. With a busy life like everyone, it's only lately that I've started the publishing of my stories finally. They're are all set in Australia and with real Ozzie lingo and characters.

First published book

my second book


Book three

Book four


I'd like to thank Forty South in Cambridge, Tasmania for their support in producing my books.


Our story

Forty South is for people who live in Tasmania, those who wish they lived here and those who wish they’d never left.

A household name in the state, Forty South offers good writing and beautiful photographs about Tasmanian places and people, environment and wilderness, tourism and travel, food and wine, the arts, history, science, politics and business. It is a high-quality, intelligently curated platform for credible opinions on important issues.

In August 2020, Forty South print magazine acquired a sophisticated digital big brother, a web portal that continues the tradition of good writing and photography delivered via informative and engaging feature articles. The core values are the same, but the scope and reach are far greater than we ever achieved with a quarterly print magazine.

In 2021, Forty South Publishing will celebrate 25 years of taking Tasmania to the world through Forty South Tasmania and a wide range of premium Tasmanian books.


Margaret at Tasman FM-27-11-2020

Maragret and her books